New reports suggest three factors are like diseases for a marriage. Get vaccinated now to save your family!

A University of Michigan study of 2,700 couples found that 3/4 marriages where one person is seriously ill end in divorce! This is especially true in older marriages when the woman falls ill. If the man is sick the woman feels a responsibility to care for him, but if the woman falls ill the man says he can't handle the commitment!

So women, make sure he dies before you!

A Brown University study says divorce is contagious! If your friend divorces, your chances of the Big D go up 75 percent. Even just an acquaintance getting a divorce ups your chances by 33 percent! It's that contagious! The scientific term is "social contagion."

So ladies, don't let your man make friends!

A dating website for married people who want to cheat say their sign ups skyrocketed in 2008 at the same time the unemployment rate went up. As people lose jobs, the dating website got more customers. Their conclusion is that unemployment increases the risk of cheating.

So sisters, don't believe anything you hear from dating sites that cater to cheaters.