We heard a story about a guy who wore his jeans almost every day for 15 months without washing them once.  But it turns out he’s not that crazy….

From jeans to food to razors, find out what to do to make things last longer.

From CBS News


Levis says when you buy a new pair of jeans, you shouldn’t wash them for the first six months.  After that, wash them every two weeks.  Spot clean or use Febreze if you need to. DON’T put your jeans in the dryer, but instead hang them upside down.  That will help them keep their length, shape and color better.


  • Your milk can last longer when you store it properly.  Keep your milk at the back of your fridge – it can last up to a week past its sell-by date.
  • Keep the eggs in the coldest part of your fridge, too, and keep them in the carton they came in.
  • Fruits and Veggies don’t mix – some fruits like apples give off a gas that can make veggies like broccoli go bad.


Make sure your tires are properly inflated.  Underinflation equals shorter tread life.


Extend your razors’ life by drying it off after each use and don’t store it in the shower.

Body Wash

Use a sponge instead of your hand to lather up.


Store them tip down, and if they stop working just dip them in warm water.