We were talking about the collage of Jennifer Aniston photos in the February 2014 issue of National Geographic. Stacy Lee said, "You mean that magazine all the boys read in the school library to snicker at the naked people?" Say what?

Stacy Lee said the popularity of National Geographic magazine in schools is directly tied to the naked people. I didn't believe her so she asked listeners to call in to back her up. Our phone lines were flooded with calls for about five minutes of people not just saying yes, but "of course!"

Our website guy Andrew says the special 125-anniversary edition had a graph showing how many nude photos the magazine has published in 125 years. It's surprisingly few -- and much, much less over the past 40 years.

But after our conversation co-workers of all ages started popping by the studios saying, "Still true." So there you go.

Time for you to confess now: