I got to spend an evening listening and visiting with Josh Krajcik from the X Factor.
He was such an amazing performer and such a nice guy too! And actually pretty darn hilarious! I'm so passionate about music, and I've met and heard so many artists and appreciate all of them. But, occasionally one stands out that I just absolutely LOVE and Josh is one of them! Not sure why. But, the second I heard his voice, I was an instant fan!

My kids were like "Mom, you've got to stop hugging him! We've never seen you like this! " It was quite embarrassing! but, I can't help it! I just appreciate his voice and passion so much. I think he's awesome!

Jessie Morrow also performed and was really incredible as well!

The Sunset Theater was really a cool place. It was small and intimate. I like that. It was such a low key atmosphere that made it so Josh could just meander among the people there and visit. He was so sweet and such a talented guy! His Piano playing was exquisite and so was his guitar playing. And his voice..well, I just have always loved his voice so much!

My two favorite songs are "Let Me Hold You" and "Close Your Eyes." Nick and Vanny bought be both CD's one of Josh and also of Jessie. I listened to them on the drive all the way home. I was hoping Josh would commit to just coming to Tri-Cities and joining me on my radio show! Or at least calling in. But, he said I had to call his "peeps" and that took all the fun right out of it! ;)

It was an awesome night! And what made it even better, is that I got to spend it with my eldest son and daughter in law Vanessa!

Here's some pics and Vids from that night!