I belong to a social media site for radio DJs only. We share ideas with each other so we're always making our morning shows better. This site offers a prize for the best idea of the week, and I'm probably going to win that prize. This is how:

There was a woman who wanted the prize REALLY BAD -- only she didn't have any good ideas so she went for quantity over quality and shared about 15 ideas -- all of them terrible. When I logged on this morning I couldn't find any good ideas because it took so long scrolling through all of this lady's posts! So I said just that. So many people agreed with me and started giving me love, and now I have the most popular post on the site!

I now have the respect and adoration of my peers, and I might even win a prize. Yet, none of you see it! None of my family and friends see it!

Here's someone sharing an anonymous victory on Reddit:

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