As I build Terror Behind the Screen (our haunted house opening in October on west Court Street across from the post office) I often call Bobbie Weiner a.k.a. Bloody Mary for advice. She's one of the coolest people alive. Here's her story:


Bobbie Weiner was married to a fancy L.A. surgeon with a big house, nice car and tennis club memberships. Then one day he wanted a divorce and all of it was gone. Having her hair done she told her stylist she needed a job -- and fast. The stylist told her to try being a make up artist for movies. She was in cosmetology school the next Monday! Her first job only paid $35 for 15 hours of work, but it got her foot in the door... and she's been working on movie sets ever since.

Every time something she did was really successful, she flipped it into a "do it yourself" product. Now she sells Halloween makeup for millions of dollars. Her Bloody Mary product line is high quality stuff.

I met her at a haunted house convention in St. Louis. She doesn't just sell makeup, she offers her expertise to clients. She lets me call her any time for advice.

I mean REALLY, how many friends can you call up and ask, "How do I make a clown's skin peel?" And they know the answer!?!?!