I wonder if anyone else does this...

I am always noticing other peoples Landscaping. When I drive home, I look at their trees and flowers...and beautiful yards. Occasionally I see a bush or a tree or a plant that I think is so attractive, that I stop and snap a pic so I can bring it to the Nursery and find out what it is so I can get one. Is that considered "stalking" (sort of huh?)

I notice my phone has all kinds of random pics of plants on it. I can't remember where I even took them from half the time.

No one has ever stopped me, so I suppose they don't mind. The other thing I stalk is good fences! I'm in AWE of good horse fencing. Or cool barn set ups etc. So those are the things I stop and stare at. So if you see me parked out in front of your place..you must have some appealing landscape! Lol Please don't call the police. :\