Getty Images, Hulton Archive (Photo by National Archive/Newsmakers)

I've seen the evidence. I've heard the counter evidence. I'm firmly convinced the Secret Service accidentally shot JFK after Lee Harvey Oswald fired the first two shots. Here's why:

  • An expert gunsmith from Baltimore named Howard Donahue has been questioning the wounds to JFK's skull since the 1970s.
  • A Secret Service agent is seen picking up an AR15 in the rear car after the first two shots are fired. The theory is that the car lurched, causing the weapon to accidentally fire.
  • The entry wound in Kennedy was only 6 mm, but the bullets coming from Oswald's gun were 6.5 mm.
  • The bullets from Oswald stayed in tact when they hit Kennedy's bullet-proof vest. The bullet in Kennedy's brain shattered. Same bullet couldn't stand the impact of the much softer skull?
  • The Zapruder film clearly shows Kennedy's wound exploding forward out of his skull, not backward, suggesting he was hit from behind.
  • The bullet that hit the governor had a trajectory that could easily have been from behind.
  • Numerous witnesses reported smelling gunsmoke.
  • Whether or not it came from the "grassy knoll," numerous witnesses insisted there was a second shooter.
  • JFK's autopsy was done in secrecy in Washington, D.C., not by Texas experts in Dallas.

Did I change your mind?

P.S. If I'm found dead locked in a duffle bag, I DIDN'T DO IT TO MYSELF!