I have very distinct cravings! Sometimes, it's Myfroyo, sometimes it's a "Wanderer Pizza" from Atomic Ale in Richland.

Sometimes it's Rolo's. Or Baskin Robin's Ice Cream (Jamoca Almond Fudge and Mint Chip)

I went on a Survival Trip once for 2 weeks. And we ate close to nothing. Rattlesnake, (well the rattlesnake I tasted but wouldn't chew or swallow) Texterized Vegetable Protein, and Ash Cakes with Brigham tea was the extent of it I think. And all I could think about was a big fat CHEESEBURGER!

Right now if calories weren't an issue and either was health. I could go for a big giant Pepsi! But, I don't drink pop cause I think it's bad for me. So...there ya go.

So how bout you? If health, or weight didn't matter...what would you eat or drink right now?