I'm operating on two hours of sleep today. I feel miserable. I wonder how long the human body can last without sleep. You'll be surprised by the answer!

The longest time someone has gone without sleep (scientifically documented) was 11 days. It was a high school student for a science project.

A Chinese man staying awake to watch a soccer tournament died after 11 days.

So that's probably the limit guys! Don't try it!

An expert at the trial over Michael Jackson's death said MJ was not getting REM sleep. He may have died from an overdose of Propofol or from the lack of REM sleep. He may have gone 60 days without REM sleep. It's like eating wood -- you'll feel full but your body isn't getting any nutrition.

Apparently scientists kept lab rats awake for two weeks in an experiment. But when they died, it wasn't of insomnia, but of stress from being jolted awake.