I was just in Reno Nevada where they have In & Out Burger, my absolute favorite hamburger ever. I heard about their 'Secret Menu' which actually turned out not to be so secret after all



According to their own web site. So my husband and I ordered a burger animal style and we both thought is was pretty good however I don't like pickles. Anyway one of their employees chitty chatted with me & the hub about why their burgers taste so much better than any other burger joint. It seems it all comes down to quality ingredients and freshness. He said when they slice the tomatoes they log the time and if the tomatoes are not used in a certain amount of time they are thrown away. Seems kinda wasteful except for the place is always hopping.

The burger dude also told us if we really want an In & Out here all we have to do is send them lots of e-mails requesting one here! Well and they need to build a distribution center close by for product freshness, Here's the link to e-mail them.... It's worth a try who knows maybe just maybe they'll build them here in Tri-Cities.