Wow! Did we ever have a gorgeous weekend or what?! The weather has been so nice! I love all the sunshine! My boyfriend Tony and I rode our horses in West Richland yesterday and it was so warm and sunny I was simply in heaven!

We have this one spot we go to that we get off our horses and let them graze by the river and we sit or lay back in the tall grass that is all cushy and soft. We hang there for a bit and let our horses rest.

I  love it out there! Usually this time of year we'd be layin' in SNOW but it was so warm and sunny and beautiful!

My dog Crystal loves going horse riding with us so much she can hardly contain her excitement (as you'll see in the video.) I've attached a couple of parts of our ride. It was so beautiful at dusk last night too -- still blue sky and sunny and a beautiful FULL moon in the sky! What a fantastic day! I hope you all got a chance to enjoy it and be outside!