Sometimes it's the little things that help you RE-MOTIVATE yourself! I'm happy to say that I've Walk/Jogged 4 miles a day for the last 5 days STRAIGHT! (And worked out at the gym too!)

Want to know what is making me get off my butt and actually be committed? It's taking it slower than I normally would. I started a walk/jog instead of just expecting I can go RUN again! And my body automatically speeds up now as I've been doing it for a week! Today I jogged the whole 4 miles. Slow...YES, but hey...I did it! And then the workout routine, instead of being overwhelming is quite simple so check this out from Muscle Fitness. I'm 52 years old now and realize that I have to make ME a priority and that means eating right, sleeping, and exercising consistently! So here's to US! Let's do it together! :)