I was at Crazy Moose the other day for lunch. I ordered a burger and the waitress asked, "Tartar sauce or Ranch with your fries." Did I hear that right? It turns out I did! Ketchup is on the slide. And what's replacing it? Ranch, of course. Salad, carrots, pizza, hot wings, lasagna, french fries -- Ranch Dressing tastes good with everything. In fact, experts say it outsells the next most popular dressing (Blue Cheese) by a 2:1 margin! Ranch has become so popular that some are wondering if it's the new ketchup!

We've all heard ketchup has been surpassed by salsa as the most popular condiment. So with ketchup on the slide, and Ranch on the rise, will diners begin replacing their red glass bottles with some Lighthouse or Hidden Vallen Ranch? Will we start seeing Ranch in packets at fast food restaurants?