I took a stand on Facebook yesterday for sexual morality and got a flood of responses in support. People are letting things get out of hand in their relationships and the problems are piling up. The only solution is to take some responsibility! Here's what happenend:

Original post: "I have a handful of friends that are going through tough times.... I don't know why anyone would tolerate inappropriate behavior like cheating, abuse, habitual lying, manipulation etc. -- or why would you jump from one relationship to another? Or prolong the inevitable breakup? Why do people introduce the kids to everyone they date? And for the love of God why cant people keep their legs closed and keep the pants on! What in the heck happened to morals? Don't get me wrong -- I am a train wreck in my own way and have my own faults, but I certainly don't toy with people's hearts and emotions."

Here are some of the response:

  • totally feel the same way you hit it right on the head
  • OMG! Break it off, will NEVER get better!
  • Perfectly said!
  • Some people have a hard time admitting their own self worth
  • I feel the social media has desensitized many.. It's disheartening I agree!!
  • As a single parent of two teenagers (boy/girl) I really relate to your post. I have been very careful to keep that part of my life private. If in a dating situation or romantic relationship what happens is again private and should stay between two people. That is not always the case, right>! Now that technology, communication is often via texting, skype or facebook. Personally I enjoy being single, life is less complicated and I can do what I want, when I want.
  • Can NOT handle people introducing their kids to the boy/girl friend of the week. Awful. Patience is a virtue people, and you DO NOT know someone well enough after a week to decide that they should be put in your child's life.
  • you are RIGHT ON!!! well said Mr. Delange, thumbs up...
  • well said Greg
  • 100 percent agree!
  • I agree, but then again I'm a train wreck so no judgement here, stop and think, lonely is tough but is it as tough as the pickle you might be in now?
  • Agree, good tj
  • Greg....you know me...and I 100% agree with everything you just said!!!!!!!!
  • AGREE... 100%
  • Great Role models are hard to come by these days because of the lack of moral obligations. I appreciate your stance on this because it is hard to instill great morals and ethics into your children when society is working so hard to destroy any form of moral/ethical responsibility. Great work Greg, and thank you!!!
  • What your saying is easy in theory, after you learn all life's lessons, but you have to have a little understanding that all people aren't as pulled together as some. That being said I was a single mother for 7 years and never introduced my daughter to a fella until I met my future husband (dated rarely). I waited for just the right guy and bam, found him, 16 years later I know he was worth the wait. I would love for all the people I know to get it, but sometimes they have to make their own mistakes.
  • I agree... Its a crazy world right now, was so much easier to meet people in the 80's and 90's... i think the internet has totally taken over, and that its NOT a good thing.
  • Agreed!!!
  • Agreed! We have taught our daughter that if you really love someone and they you they will wait. But we have also let her know that when the time came it needed to be decided by her head not her hormones or heart alone. And the question she should ask herself is, "Would I want to have this person in my life forever if I became pregnant?" And your kids shouldn't meet every date. If you are both getting serious than sure, otherwise keep them away. And we have also let her know that if you are miserable there is no reason to stay. A person has got to like and know themselves before introducing another person into the mix. And if you are staying with someone because of the kids, just leave now. The kids will eventually see your misery and what kind of an example is that? Although all marriages have moments that need to be worked through, there is also a point where if it's nothing but toxic walk away.
  • Oh and while I'm at it!!! Lol .... I cringe when I hear about parents giving condoms to the kids!!!...."I teach my kids about safe sex"......WTH!!!..., NO what you are teaching them is safe SIN.... I told both my sons I will NOT give them condoms...I raised them to respect there body and that sex is designed in the covenant of a marriage...again morals people!!
  • LOL! Well ours has made it to almost 20 without compromising her morals and beliefs. She is in college, has a job, a great set of friends, and has had a few serious BFs. But right now she is too busy to do more than go on a few dates now and again. Which I am glad to see that boys are not her main concern or even secondary right now. She (including school and job) and her family are her first priorities and her friends are close seconds.  She makes me proud.
  • I agree with ya Greg Delange even if I don't always practice all of what you preach... my children have not met my dates in years... and still have not met the woman i have been "hooking up with" for almost a year now, but mostly cause she doesn't give me the sense that she wants to be serious... I do not drop my pants as much as people think I do, and I try to always be respectful towards women and everyone until I am disrespected, than its fair game. But I was raised with religion and morals, however with the crazy life I live my morals have become a little clouded at times...
  • I get clouded at times .....we all do....and regardless of what other dudes might say, keeping the pants up is always a good thing.
  • Except when you poop.
  • LOL! ^^^ Gotta agree with that one!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Well said Greg....you are a wonderful person and a great role model for your boys and others....train wreck or not. Hugs!!
  • I think it all comes down to people are afraid to be alone. Personally I think single is awesome. And I want my kids to see that you can be happy, successful and have a great time single. I'm in no hurry because too many people are like what you described!!
  • P.s. your man card is fully in tact Greg. Being smart and having morals doesn't revoke it.
  • ^^^what she said^^^
  • I agree
  • nailed it!!
  • Totally agree my friend! Lets bring back some morals and truth and true happiness
  • Not even close! Any girl will be amazingly lucky to have you in her life.....you are one of the "good guys"! Take care!
  • You got it right I've been telling people the same things for years they say they listen yet make same mistakes over and over I'm finally getting to the point where I'm not going to say nothing just too much to deal with everyone gets to the point where they get tired of trying to help people they care about when they don't learn
  • I agree! If only more "men" thought the way u do!!
  • You hit the nail on the head with this one... and I believe most guys feel the same way... I tell my daughters that a man wont buy the cow if he can get the milk for free... I tell my sons if it has tits or tires it will give ya trouble...lol just kidding but again you hit it on the head!
  • Greg you're a funny mofo and I love you man! You and I have known each other closing in on 40 years and you know that a lot of things have changed in that time. Morality seems to have gone by the wayside. I noticed a lot of women commented about having kids and the dilemma of how and when to introduce them to a someone that they see. i get it. I look at it like this Greg.. if i love a woman, i love her kids too! it doesn't and shouldn't matter when they are introduced to me. its my job and my honor to love and fiercely protect her kids just as she would. if someone doesn't like kids, then they can move on. simple! its not nice to possibly make someone feel bad cuz she has kids. if u love her or him, then u love that persons kids. We have seen a huge amount of decline in morality. Think about it Greg when u and i were in 5th grade. So much has changed.
  • and i don't think Beth should have to wait to introduce her child. i think that's bullshit for a woman to have to worry about what a guy thinks or worrying about scaring someone off. the kids matter. it may be a challenge at times but I've learned that its worth it.
  • I think you earned a king-sized man card on this one Greg, sometimes people need to hear what they don't want to. If you helped even one person, you made a difference!
  • BIG hugs to you!
  • It's not worrying about what they think of your child; it's introducing your child to someone and having them form an attachment to someone who is a flash in the pan. It's very selfish to do that to your kids.
  • Greg, you seem to have a good head on you and I applaud you for your stand. I too have made this stand. In fact we're celebrating 21 years of wonderful marriage and raising 4 kids the same which brings me to my point. Many people were not so blessed.
  • The most important thing we can do as parents is remember that our kids look up to, love, admire, and most importantly EMULATE our behaviors... everything from our mannerisms, to our morals... We teach them how to respect themselves when we respect ourselves... If you want your child to grow up thinking it is normal to have 5 guys a month sleep over... that is your business but for me I think NOT!

And while I'm on a kick, let's talk about giving condoms to teenagers. I get that they're trying to fight teen pregnancy and stop the spreading of diseases, and I get that the people supporting those people are only trying to make society safer. But where are the voices teaching kids to be more respectful of their bodies, more mature in their relationships and more responsible in their decisions? Giving condoms to kids is a quick fix. If you think that will make the world a better place, support that, but shouldn't you be equally supportive of efforts to teach kids responsibility?

If you go to a college health fair, you'll see people promoting safe sex. But where are the people promoting healthy, long-term relationships?