It's common to get a few fruit flies in the summer as we enjoy fresh fruit, garden produce and farmers markets. But I've got an INFESTATION! I looked up the remedy and I think you'll be surprised!

To DECREASE the number of fruit flies, get rid of exposed food.

  • Use up or throw out ripe fruit
  • Don't throw food scraps into an inside garbage
  • Don't leave crumbs on your countertops
  • Cover any kind of food with a bowl -- or keep it in a closed paper bag
  • Put everything that will fit into the fridge until the flies go away
  • Rinse dish rags regularly
  • Rinse dirty dishes immediately
But to get rid of an infestation, you've got to kill the eggs -- WHICH ARE USUALLY LAID INSIDE THE DRAIN!
Your sink drain is full of residue -- food residue and grease! To kill the eggs, you need to pour an anti-microbial cleaner down there.

While we were talking about it on air, a guy called in from Michigan telling us about a foaming cleaner he makes. It foams in up to 12 feet of pipe ridding the pipe of the "bio-film" and killing the eggs and making it impossible to lay more.