Melora Hardin -- best known as "Jan" from "The Office" (Michael Scott's hot boss and crazy girlfriend) -- is starring in a new TBS show called "Wedding Band" about friends who form a wedding band (rock group) in Seattle called Mother of the Bride. Hardin is a wedding planner who rubs shoulders with the band. Watch it Saturday at 10 p.m.

Here's the audio clip of the interview:

Hardin is beautiful, funny, and has had an incredibly diverse acting career. In the 80s she was "Baby" in the short-lived TV series "Dirty Dancing." She almost starred in "Back to the Future" but was too tall to act opposite Michael J. Fox. She's also a singer and has been in versions of "Les Mis" and "Chicago"!

We were really interested to hear she was on "The Little House on the Prairie"!

And on Wikipedia we found out her dad, Jerry Hardin, was a popular character on "The X-Files."
Getty Images, Charlie Gallay