You all know I'm a huge John Mayer fan! And he has just  has announced his U.S. tour! It was disappointing to see he won't be  playing in Eastern WA! I saw him at the Gorge a couple years ago with Keith Urban. And he was fantastic!

According to ABC Entertainment, He's Kicking  it off April 9 in Bloomington, Indiana.  The tour comes in support of the singer's fifth album, Born and Raised, which is set to be released soon after the tour wraps up May 6.  The album's first single, "Shadow Days," which John previewed on his tumblr blog a few weeks ago, has now been officially released to radio.

John's tour has a charity component attached to it.  A block of third-row orchestra seats at each tour stop will be available for sale through Tickets-For-Charity, and proceeds will go to programs at the Northern California Institute of Research and Education.  John partnered with the institute about four years ago, and works with them to help veterans reintegrate into civilian life.  Last  year, he helped launch several therapy and wellness programs for men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition, fans can visit John's celebrity eBay auction site and bid on four front-row tickets, plus a chance to meet him. Proceeds from those sales will also go to John's NCIRE programs for veterans.