Johnny and I must be around the same age, because when I was real young my sister and I would go over to our friend Val Disibio's house after school in the afternoons and watch "Dark Shadows." We loved it! We would also play "Alligator Alleyway" and climb all around the house on the counters and furniture as to not get eaten by alligators on the floor! Her housekeeper hated us, as you can imagine!

Depp's newest role means he again goes for pale make-up and adds lengthy fingernails, a short black haircut, and vampire teeth to play Barnabas Collins, the main character in the upcoming film, Dark Shadows.

Depp told Jimmy Kimmel he was "obsessed" with the 1970s TV show on which the movie's based. "I sprinted home to watch it [after school]," he confesses. "Talk about alternative programming: you basically had things like All My Children, and all that stuff, and suddenly there was this Gothic soap opera with vampires and werewolves."

Dark Shadows, which was directed by Depp's longtime collaborator and friend Tim Burton and opens Friday.