Katia Winter is the Swedish actress playing Katrina Crane, Ichabod's wife in the hit FOX show "Sleepy Hollow. She joined us on the Morning Show to talk about tonight's new episode and didn't mince words about Lt. Abbie Mills.

"Sleepy Hollow" fans want to see some romance kindle between the two main characters, but Katia Winter isn't having any of it:

Until Ichabod finds his wife and they reunite, I think it's off limits. You wouldn't want to piss off a witch."

If the writers decide to create a love triangle, fairness to Katrina should be top of mind, Winter said. Katrina should get another man:

 If that happens, I'd love there to be another love interest as well."

You may remember Winter as the Ukrainian stripper in Season 7 of Dexter. She moved to London from Sweden to act in independent movies. Her popularity has soared now that she's on TV.

This is one of my bigger breaks... TV is instant exposure, she said. It's fun to finally have a fan base... an audience that is waiting each week to see the episode."

Dexter, Quinn's girlfriend, Ukrainian stripper. Very different from Katrina Crane.

"Sleepy Hollow" tonight is supposed to be "shocking," Winter said. We're going to learn more about Ichabod and Katrina's backstory. That's all she'd say, however.

People always meet me and say, 'Tell me about the show.' I say, 'Well, there are a lot of secrets.'"

Listen to the full interview (in her beautiful Swedish accent!)