You've probably heard about this incident that happened on the on the evening of July 4th, Family and Police are still trying to find out what happened and need YOUR help! 

Ben Ensign went with co-workers to Jack Didley’s in Kennewick, Washington to celebrate a long day of work (on a holiday).  An unexpected altercation involving Ben Ensign altered the course of his life.  During this altercation, Ben sustained blunt force trama to his skull rendering him unconscious.

Immediately following, a passerby saw Ben near lifeless on the concrete outside of Jack Didley’s and stopped to help.   EMT arrived on scene shortly after.  Due to close proximity, he was taken to Kennewick General Hospital.  As Ben’s injuries were so severe, he was transported by Ambulance to Kadlec Medical Center for Neurological treatment of his near fatal brain injury.  As the details regarding the incident are surfacing, our family is pulling together to support Ben in this time of uncertainty.