I recieved this msg on Facebook today:

Tell me, why did I think of you when I saw this?

5% of People Say They Need Their Kids' Help to Change the Channel:

Watching TV has gotten a lot more complicated over the past several years. We don't really flip channels anymore . . . we either scroll through the guide or watch something on the DVR. And that's left some people behind .
In a new survey, 5% of parents say they need their kids' help just to CHANGE THE CHANNEL. ( Daily Mail)

Here is my reply:
Faith Martin OMG! This is sooo true! Okay...here is WHY! For the 20 years that I was married, I was the one scampering around getting snacks, cleaning up, changing diapers etc..while my hubby and 2 boys watched football or whatever on TV. Every now and then they'd say "Mom change the channel." or Turn it up! or something(..cause the remote would be near by)...I'd get all excited...Here's my chance! Here I'd go! And I would stare aimlessly in the seconds I had to TRY and decipher what to do next and in the 3 sec they gave me..my heart would be pounding! "I got this! Id' say!" and on the 4th second one of them would grab it and say "never mind! Hand it here!" and my time w the remote was OVER! I then grew a negative correlation with that darn device. I do however know how to run my google box in MY BEDROOM. But yeah..the living room TV and me are at an impasse! It decided to do something I don't understand and It just sits now and I never even turn it on! LOL...Haha! My kids will visit soon and all will be well with it then. Until the next time...heee heee. Who has time to watch that darn thing anyway!

Just was wondering who all can relate to this?