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Here are a few of our favorites!

Life's Path
Together on a path of an unpredictable destination
we stop to watch the sunrise on occasion,
with the mountains above us and the water below
we will travel with eachother until we let go
remembering the past and the future we embrace
we must teach all our children
to keep a smile on their face
.....Never Forgetting.....
to laugh in life
and live for love
and sometimes wish
on a star above.

(Submitted By Stacy Powers)

Here is a poem for my amazing wife:
Sweetheart, I just don't know where to begin,
Through wonderful times and those on the mend.
We've endured just about everything that a couple can,
From hospital visits to devising simple financial plans,
Creating our own songs for the kids we so love,
You truly are an angel sent from heaven above.
Ten plus years of you by my side,
Many years to come with open arms ready for the ride.
As simple of a poem as this might be,
Words don't even begin to express what you truly mean to me.

(Submitted By: Matthew Hoefer)