More information is trickling out about the early Tuesday evening fatal shooting near 10th and Lewis in Pasco. (Video courtesy of YouTube- Chris G)

According to police and witness reports, officers responded to reports of a man allegedly throwing a rock at a passing vehicle around 5pm near Fiesta Foods.

Witnesses say the man picked up another rock, and appeared to be ready to throw it at police when they contacted him at the scene. Witnesses also said shooting the man with a Tazer had appeared to have no effect on him. One witness said the unnamed suspect just tried to pull the prongs from the submission device from his arm, but didn't fall like most do when shot with such a device.

He then reportedly turned and ran towards police in what some said was a confrontational manner, then turned and ran away. In a statement released by Pasco Police Spokesman Captain Ken Roske, he said:

 "He (the suspect) (didn't) comply with their commands, as far as we know right now."

The man was then chased by police, witnesses say he refused to obey their commands to stop, and he was fatally shot outside of Vinny's Bakery and Cafe on Lewis St. There are numerous, and sometimes conflicting, reports from various witnesses, and police will have a lot of information to sort through.

The case will be handled by what is called the Tri-City Special Investigative Unit led by Kennewick officials and other local law enforcement officers who examine such shootings by police. No Pasco police will be involved in that investigation. The names of the three officers directly involved were not released.

No other information has been released about the suspect by authorities at this time.

Several YouTube videos, including the one posted previously on the Newstalk 870 Facebook page, were filmed. They captured various aspects of the incident, and will be studied closely by these special investigators.  In the video shared by Newstalk 870, you can clearly hear the sirens and multiple gunshots fired during the incident.

Do be advised the video we are sharing is rather stark and graphic in it's nature.