Have you seen the popular "What My Friends Think I Do" memes? Our radio engineer, John McDaniel, decided to share his via a video. If you are afraid of heights, this may be difficult for you to watch. I had no idea the extent some people's kids have to go through in order for all of us to enjoy the everyday luxury of radio, television, etc.

The whole time I watched this I thought, "I'm so glad my kids never decided to do THIS for a living!" It's terrifying heights with little security for safety. McDaniel said he hasn't had to do anything like this for years but used to enjoy it. Greg Delange said his boss at his first radio job when he was 18 made him climb the tower behind our office on A Street in Pasco and change a light bulb. It swayed the whole time he was up there.

Would this kind of activity bother you? Or could you do it? Do you suffer from acrophobia  -- the fear of heights?

The percentage of people with acrophobia is 32. I  would have thought it was more common, actually.

At any rate, check out the video. Pretty amazing!