Lucky and Louis won survival expert Bear Grylls' $500,000 challenge on NBC's "Get Out Alive" reality show! We interviewed them this morning. You won't believe their stories of drinking urine and staying alive.

Lucky and Louis are not their real names. "Lucky," or Andrew, was born on Friday the 13th so his parents called him lucky. "Louis," or Andrea, is Lucky's daughter and her middle name is Louise.
"I wouldn't have any other partner in the world other than my dad... if I could take one thing into the wilderness with me, it would be Lucky," she said about her dad.

What will they do with the money?

"Buy lots of toilet paper, toothpaste and deodorant," Lucky jocked.

They had a goal of helping Louis' mother retire early, and would also like to make a donation to help people who are always hungry and dirty without an end in sight.

This interview was so much fun, listen to it below to find out Lucky and Louis impression of Bear Grylls: