Kennewick police plopped a 30-year-old man in jail just hours after he was released Wednesday after he allegedly stole a car.

Daniel C. Penselin is accused of stealing a car just up the street from the jail near the Toyota Arena. 19-year-old Alex S. Higley had forgotten to take his keys from the car when he went inside the building to play hockey.

He reported the theft to Kennewick police and late Wednesday evening the car was sighted by an officer near 5th and Olympia.

Penselin refused to pull over and was pursued by officers. The chase led to 15th and Cedar Streets off of Washington, where Penselin lost control and crashed.

He fled and tried to hide under a trailer but was caught by the Criminal Apprehension Team.

While searching him police found a bag of meth.

He told officers he had just been released from the Benton County jail, and was walking across the Toyota Arena lot when he saw the keys in the car. He said he stole it so he wouldn't have to walk!