Living in the Tri-Cities  we come into contact with a lot of critters. Just the other morning my dogs we going nuts, come to find out a skunk was in our back yard. Last year I was leaving for work at 5am as usual when out of the corner of my eye i saw what i thought was a herd of cats running down my street...come on it was early anyway it turned out to be 4 very large raccoons

(Photo From Flickr by mangnoid)

They really freaked me out because they didn't back down even as I flashed my high beems at them. They finally ran off and I have never seen them again. This morning a read this raccoon story and thought glad it wasn't me!

81 year-old James Pace Sr. recently shot himself in the shin while trying to blast a raccoon. The raccoon kept scratching at the back door of James' New Haven, Connecticut home so he armed himself with a rifle. James sneezed, fell out of a chair and fired the gun. His son drove him to the hospital for treatment on his leg.

I'll remember this for future raccoon encounters!