Lots of people own pets and some think that a dog is "just an animal" and can adapt to any climate if given time. While it's true dogs out in the wild can adapt to finding shelter and warmth during cold months by digging a hole in the ground or finding shelter in a forest, dogs can NOT keep in their body heat if they are caged up, chained up or left in a cold cement area without a small shelter to keep in their body heat.  A dog house that is not too much bigger than the dog is optimal for helping a dog keep in his body heat and stay warm. It's best if the dog house is insulated and is up off the ground. Also a good fill for the inside is straw.

While some pets will survive, the stress of trying to survive cold fridgid temperatures, will make for a miserable survival and litterally take all the dogs energy just to survive. 

I certainly would not want to live like that. I don't think anyone would. So don't expect your pet to.

I think as a responsible owner of any pet, we all need to be educated on just what our furry friends need in the winter to be comfortable and happy pets!

Here is a link for more information about it: http://www.akc.org/public_education/winter_care.cfm

There are agencies available to people who are struggling to care for pets properly for any reason.  Pet Over Population Prevention has a Spay/Nueter Program. A Foster care program and an Adoption Program for people who's predicament has made them unable to care for a pet.

Please make sure your pets have what they need. They have feelings too. And need extra protection, food, water and vet care during the winter months.

Everytime I feel a chill from the cold, I think of all the pets whose owners just don't know how miserable it is for their pets this time of year. I beg you please to consider this when you keep your pets outside in the winter.  Thank you for reading. (Faith)