This little filly was born 2 months earlier than she was supposed to.
Because of that, she had a lot of very severe issues. The veterinarians, said it was possible she could survive and possibly have a normal life but it would take time and a lot of money!

The owner, who wishes to stay anonymous struggled with putting her down, and chose instead to try her hardest to give her a fighting chance! She nursed her around the clock, spent endless hours feeding her, bandaging her legs with splints and a host of other medical treatments to get her to survive.
The filly finally was able to eat on her own and even walk on her own and things were looking very good! Then a mishap had the filly on the mend again...

Some might say...WHY try so hard to keep this filly alive when maybe she should be put down!
But, this filly shows such a will  to live ,that everyone that meets her, wants to do everything possible to give her every chance to make it!

Miracle will be going up to Washington State University's Vet Clinic in hopes of finding treatments to help in the healing process. But, the owner has exhausted all of her resources and is hoping someone in the community would like to help contribute.

If you would like to know more about "Miracle" or would like to donate,
Please follow this link