With a nationwide average jump of 8 cents this week, Americans will find traveling this weekend more expensive.

According to AAA, gas prices for Memorial Weekend will be the highest since 2010.  With a national average of about $3.65 per gallon, it could make travel more costly.  However, as AAA reports in their Fuel Gauge Report, moderate price fluctuations have not affected previous holiday travel this year.

The reason for the uptick is oil prices. With the price of a barrel approaching $100, the prices have climbed a bit. There have also been some refinery issues in the Midwest that have contributed to the climb.

But AAA says unless there is a significant swing (12-15 cents a gallon or higher) they don't see this rise affecting the number of Memorial Weekend travelers.

A check of Mid-Columbia gas prices via GasBuddy.com shows Kennewick prices as of Wednesday as low as $3.73 at Costco, and climbing as high as $3.93 at some other convenience store outlets. Pasco showed prices starting at $3.79 at Mid-Columbia Grocery on Court and Road 64, with the highest reported in the city at $4.09 at one location.

AAA says the rest of the holiday and summer travel should stay brisk, unless there is a huge spike, which would also have an effect on the overall economy.