We love "Elf on a Shelf" and "Dinovember," so I picked up a stuffed monkey to do "Monkeyvember" at my house with my boys. Only I brought him in to the studio first to show him off -- big mistake.

Day 1

He stayed on his perch and kept quiet during the show. I was really happy with my purchase.

Andrew Kirk

Day 2

He went missing, and I found him eating all the office donuts! I guess it's my own fault for not feeding him.

Andrew Kirk

Day 3

When he wasn't on his perch the third day I headed straight for the kitchen and found him drinking coffee strait off the tap.

Andrew Kirk

Day 4

I couldn't find him for several hours, but at least he wasn't getting into the coffee and donoughts. That was until I found him...

Andrew Kirk

Day 5

I was a little worried when I found egg nog and rum bottles in the garbage and monkey was nowhere to be seen. Then I heard something...

Andrew Kirk

Day 6

Sucking helium? Really monkey? How old are you?

Andrew Kirk

Day 7

I thought things couldn't get any worse until I caught him dumpster diving.

Andrew Kirk

Day 8

Making him wait outside started seeming like a REALLY bad idea once I noticed he was casing out the nice cars in the parking lot.

Andrew Kirk

Day 9

I asked the front desk if they'd watch him, but he kept getting into the prize drawer.

Andrew Kirk

Day 10

I asked someone in sales to keep an eye on him, but apparently he jumped out and startled people all day.

Andrew Kirk

Day 11

No one at the front desk or in sales had seen him all morning, so I went hunting for monkey and found him playing with the copier.

Andrew Kirk, Christina Delgado

Day 12

"On the 12 day of..." Monkeyvember I heard laughing coming from the storage room. Monkey and the Black Widow Mud Run spider were hanging out together. At least he wasn't getting into trouble, but I DO NOT want those two hanging out together. So monkey went into my trunk. Hopefully he's less trouble at home.

Andrew Kirk