One out of seven americans say that if It came down to picking their significant other or their pet . . . they’d go with the pet. A new survey by the Associated Press and found that one out of seven pet owners in the U.S. say that if it came down to staying with their significant other or staying with their pet . . . they’d go with the pet.

–84% of people say they’d stay with the human.

–People who are in relationships but aren’t married are more likely to choose their pet than married people.  25% of unmarried people say they’d choose their pet over their boyfriend or girlfriend . . . versus 8% of married people.

–There was no difference in the genders when it came to making the choice.  But women were more likely to say it’s a TOUGH decision . . . 40% of women say it would be a tough call, versus 26% of men.

–There was also no difference between dog and cat owners.

–57% of people say they’ve had to give up or put down a pet in their lifetime.  The most common reason was that the pet was too sick.