I've got Roku and Netflix and all I've been doing lately is watching television!

Sons of Anarchy: This morning when I woke up I finished an episode. I don't know exactly what happened, but Ron Perlman (Clay) got shot! I think he got killed! No character is safe in Sons of Anarchy. Just when you like some of them BAM! they're gone. And I absolutely hate biker shows! I never watch them! Usually I think, "They all need to go take showers."

Orange Is the New Black: It's just different. I've never actually watched a female prison-based show before. It's got some great actors in it. What Kate Mulgrew (sp?) -- used to be on Star Trek series -- I like that there's a whole bunch of story lines going on.

Star Wars Clone Wars: This fills in the gaps between the prequels and episodes 4-6.

How I Met Your Mother: Barney is Hilarious! The last episode -- the grand finale -- was just fine. It was a clever way to end the show.

Breaking Bad: I heard about this for years and finally out of boredom I just started it. The thought of watching a guy making freakin' meth sounded so stupid. I hate drugs so bad. But then I just got sucked right into it. I got half way through and it kind of made me feel dark and icky. It didn't make you feel good about watching it.

The Walking Dead: Had heard about it for years and started it and now I get it. One thing I like about it is I think about being in that situation a lot. What would I do if I was in that situation? Where would I go?

American Horror Story: Another one of those that made me feel icky. I started watching it and it was really good, but I kind of had to take a break from it. It got real twisted. The plot changes. One season was about a haunted house. Now it's a whole new story line. It carries some of the same characters (like Jessica Lange) who was the next door neighbor in one season and a nun in a psych ward in another.