I totally understand that people that don't own pets, probably don't see why those of us who do are so against neighborhood Fireworks.

Each year when families take their kids outside and they light off fire crackers, or sparklers, or mainly things that make lots of noise...I understand that for those people it's all about fun and showing their kids the cool lights of fireworks. Most of the time it's completely safe and innocent.

But for those of us with pets, each time this happens, my dog literally goes into hyper ventilation mode. She is terrified! No matter how much I hold her and try to ease her mind. Her body is in pure survival mode. Her heart beat races, she pants excessively, she shakes uncontrollably and it's the saddest thing in the world.

It most often times means a COMPLETELY sleepless night as even after the fireworks stop, she is too shaken to calm down.

I've tried turning on loud music or TV, I let her crawl up in my bed and I hold her all night. But the turmoil and terror that she goes through...has me just praying that people that want to do fireworks will take it to a far away parking lot or just watch the professional ones in the park. I know my pet isn't the only one that reacts this way.

Before you decide to light them off...ask yourself if it's really worth it. Not to mention the fire hazard.

I'm so sorry to be damper on 4th of July fun! It's just that I think it's more important to have our furry friends feel safe.

This is an interesting video. I have been handling this all wrong I have found. So I hope you find this helpful! I sure did!