I met my friend Joan in 3rd grade in Felton CA, and we have literally been best friends ever since. She and I are complete opposites but we've always gotten along really well!

She's brilliant! She's a Nurse Practitioner, and also a Lawyer! A bit of an "over achiever" in so many areas of her life! She is the most self disciplined person I know. And is also the person I count on to be completely and totally honest with me.

And she is simply an amazing person!. We've been like sisters for over 45 years. She is the one I traveled Europe with.

She's been on the radio a few times with me when she comes to visit. We've given her her own radio handle  of "Little J"

Anyway, she is flying in on Sunday morning from Green River Wyo, where she lives and will come to the boat races with me and then stay all of next week! We are going to ride horses and have fun! And I'm even going to take a few vacation days!

This is my friend Joan! She has Crazy Hair! Lol