As you know, I've been trying to sell my house, which means the dogs need to stay out during the day in case they want to show the house.

I've been worried they didn't have enough shade.

I bought trees, but my Rhodeisien Ridgeback pretty much ruined them by tearing off all the branches.

I purchased a pop up tent from Big Lots for $139 plus tax. Yikes, right?!

Let's call that Tent 1.

I have also been putting the sprinkler on for them. However, this is flooding the neighbors yard... ugh!

So Tent 1 has flaps. I thought it looked pretty cool and would do the trick. It lasted about one week and now it's collapsing and the frame is bent and broken. The wind was only "breezy." I left it up.

For $139 I'm soaking it for all I can.

Then I found another tent at Harbor Freight for just $69.99. So I bought that one, too. There are no flaps but it seems sturdier. So far, no bends in the frame, etc. Even though the darker one really was more attractive and had the option of putting up flaps, the cheaper one seems to be holding up better. Go figure, huh?

My one dog Crystal won't let Ueey go under her tent, so I guess it's good I have two!

I promise my side yard looks pretty... LOL!

This is the DOG YARD. I know, it's horrific! Oh well, I think I'll have to get another tent from Harbor Frieight as Tent 1 is not going to last too long.

Here's Tent 2.

Okay, that's all I had to say about it. I have spent so much money on trying to make my dogs comfortable and not ruin my house at the same time! Haha!

I guess that is what we do when we love them so much. Right?