You like my picture? It was the closest thing that I could find to my old singing days. In my first blog, I said " (I) sang through most of my school days because my mother made me…although I never thought I was very good." Of course right after the blog was posted, my mother had to comment about it on Facebook and now I thought I should briefly clarify. My mother said "Shall we put it up to a "facebook" poll? Who has more influence on a teenage boy? A. The MOM B. The GIRLFRIEND.... just sayin..".

What she is saying mostly true, I did START singing because of a girl. You have to understand, singing was not cool when I was growing up. We moved to a small town in 5th grade out side of Spokane. My mother basically built a music program there out of nothing in a town where basically sports was all there was. As you can imagine, there wasn't a lot of boys in a town like that that could sing, so I was volunteered for basically everything.

Sometime after I turned 16, I really didn't want to sing anymore and tried to quit, but my parents threatened to take away my car, freedom, ect if I did. I agreed to keep singing of course, but swore that after I moved out I NEVER WOULD AGAIN!! AH HAHAHAHA..(crazy laugh) Anyway, It was a typical argument between a teenage boy and his Mom..that now Facebook has revived. Isn't that fun?

Your wondering if singing ever gave me a chance with that girl? Of course it did...keep singing boys!