These past few days, I've been reminding everyone about healthy ways to eat, that enabled me and my boyfriend Tony to lose 10 lbs in a month with little effort at all.

I also talked about getting out and doing what you love that makes you MOVE! I happen to enjoy lots of activities that are outside. 

But When winter hits, I know it's going to be miserably cold for me to continue to do all those things I love and I really struggle!

Did I mention I'm a super big baby about the cold? Well, there is no one more sensitive than me when it comes to being cold. I'm literally allergic to it!

But, I bundle up and ride my horse, or walk my dog, or jog etc (when I can make myself) And find that if I actually DO IT! I feel better afterwards!

So, this morning...I couldn't bring myself to get outside too early cause it was freezing!

So I hit the gym first, then showered, made breakfast did laundry and household chores..then headed to the horse corral for my daily duty of "scoopin poop"! The sun was shining and it was beautiful out!

Most days you can find me at some point "scoopin' poop" so that my horse corrals aren't covered in it.

I'm sure they think I smell funny when I come to work right afterwards! But it is part of my every day. And I have to admit, I feel better for it!

So my point is, "getting out and moving!"Even if it's scoopin' poop! Is still healthy and helpful in keeping you active!

I'm sure everyone has something they have to do that doesn't sound too fun, but if you figure it's a way for you to get out and MOVE, it has a double bennefit! So just go DO IT!