Sunday sure was a beautiful day!

So, I rode my horse Galeron and ponied my new little filly "Lady Liberty" and we rode clear out past Burbank near Wallula. It was a beautiful day. And my new little girl did very well.
This is only the second time she's even had a saddle on her back, and the first time she's ever been "ponied".

My wonderful friend Nadia went with me on her Kiger Mustang Cisco. He's a super cool horse and she is such a fun friend! We've had 6 or so years of fun riding our horses together (after she called me one time on the radio and asked if I'd like to ride with her some time!) I love it when listeners are brave enough to want me as a friend! :) the video, you hear me asking Liberty if she wants to say "Hi" to Carolyn. (I know I'm a dork, and Carolyn is her old owner. I thought I'd send her the clip so she could see her. )

Can't wait for more consistently good riding weather! Yay! And I wish you ALL had horses! So we could ALL ride together! Of course I just LOVE to ride. There is nothing like it!