Nestor Carbonell isn’t just a good-looking Cuban, he’s got a bachelor’s degree from Harvard. Growing up he lived in London, Mexico, Venezuela, Florida, Connecticut and the Bahamas. He played Richard Alpert in “LOST” and Mayor Anthony Garcia in “The Dark Knight” trilogy. He had big roles in “Ringer” and “Suddenly Susan” and guest appearances on “House,” “Scrubs,” “Monk” and more. He’s married to actress Shannon Kenny and they have two kids. He’s a practicing Catholic and is fluent in Spanish.

He’ll be on the show talking about his role as Sheriff Alex Romero on A&E’s “Bates Motel.”
What do you want to know about “Bates Motel?”  Do you have any questions about acting in the Batman movies? What have you always wondered about “LOST”? We could ask about his cousin Rafael Palmeiro, former MLB first baseman and left fielder.