Nintendo's Wii U has been out for a while, but the leaders in the industry are about to launch their future this fall.  Sony's new console is called the Playstation 4 and Microsofts is called the Xbox One. Let me catch you up on the last month of gamer rumors.

Microsoft announced that the new console would have to be connected to the internet and check into Microsoft servers every 24 hours. They also announced a change with game permissions when you trade them, basically making it hard to trade games. There was a huge backlash when Sony came out the next day, pointed all the negatives out, and promised the PS4 would not be that way. Sony had won E3 in the eyes of almost all gamers minds, and the PS4 pre-sales jumped to 4-1 over Xbox on Amazon.

Early this week, Microsoft reversed it's decision on both points, and now the real war has begun. Both consoles are trying to win gamers with remakes of old great games I love, like Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. What they seem to forget is that the classic games are much better, especially the arcade versions.

I know that for me, new games that are kinda like the old games I loved are not any more fun. I would prefer arcade perfect copies of the originals to these knock offs. If you know what an emulator is, then you are probably enjoying some of the best games out there. Can you name these classic arcade games? Which one of these 4 games did you enjoy the best?