Here's what he's saying in the first six minutes:

He's using a cotton canvas with a primer. He recommends a touch of linseed oil for a slight shine. He's using Lemon Yellow, Chrome Yellow and Permanent Yellow with a few accents of other colors to create tones. "They all look similar, but each has an amazing appeal all its own," he said.

Here are highlights from the beginning:

  • "As the brush touches the canvas, scream 'ah.'"
  • "A brush stroke done with a scream is much different than one done without. That's because screaming greatly affects the lines that are drawn."
  • "The effect of the screams is recorded in the brush strokes."
  • "Look at your paints and decide, 'This color feels like this kind of scream. That color would suit that kind of scream'"
  • "Don't think; just choose your colors and move your brush as you feel."
  • "Now relax, and try to feel your breathing. Because screaming is part of breathing, it's expressing one's feelings through breathing and sound... like in weightlifting and track and field."
  • "Movement and emotions will come together through breathing."
  • "Prepare some Lemon Yellow on your palette, and let's put in some anguished screaming to it.


Your guess is as good as mine: