Do you ever have a craving, you just can't shake?

For 3 days, I've been craving a NUTRAGEOUS bar! And for 3 days I've talked myself out of it, reminding myself that it's fattening, unhealthy, and NOT WORTH IT!

Well, today I'm at work, and I just knew..I can't concentrate until I eat a Nutrageous!

So I ran to the quick mart around the corner from my work and not only did I end up with a KING Size bar..but, it was a FAST BREAK bar, not even a Nutrageous! And to make matters worse, I had no cash and had to use my debit. So, my fattening, unhealthy candy bar cost me $1.79 Plus aa $.50 Debit Fee!

I was so desperate for the bar..I didn't even care at the time.
Now of course after I've eaten the WHOLE bar. I remembered IT'S NEVER WORTH IT!

Eating bad is never worth it. Never as gratifying as you think it's going to be.

I've been trying to stay on a Paleo diet and really doing pretty well for the most part, but every now and then I guess I fall, and have to re-commit and remind myself!

Today was my reminder! How bout you? Hard to stay on a healthy eating plan?

Join the club, I think we ALL can relate to that!


Feeling fat and barfy