I think people define “success” differently. But, I believe success is Happiness!

If you’re happy with your life, you obviously have created in your life what you value and what makes you happy. And to me, THAT is success!

Some people see success as FINANCIAL affluence. And, while I think making enough money to meet your needs is important,  for me if the ONLY success I had was financial, I wouldn't consider myself successful even if I was a millionaire!

So it’s different for everyone.

Success to me is the ability to enjoy all the aspects of life that I VALUE!

That’s why success is defined individually.

I think there is however, one common thing we all must have to be successful!

And that one thing is…(drum roll)  SELF DISCIPLINE!

Now, this is completely my opinion! And you are more than welcome to disagree.

I say this, because at my age, there has to be things I’ve learned along the way that I can share that could possibly help someone. And I think this is one of them!  It is also one thing that I sometimes, forget!

Then, I have to go back to it and practice it, and then…Tad Da! I feel a million times better!  And, I begin again finding success in my life and in things that I value!

Whether it’s discipline in eating, exercising, or just plain discipline of my own mind and directing my thoughts, I have found it’s vitally important for happiness!

There have been times in my life, that I was depressed and could barely shake it! And wondered why it was so hard to be happy!

You know that saying…“Happiness comes from within”?  Well, it took me years, but yea, I get that now!

Happiness and success comes with hard work and effort!

Denying yourself instead of indulging your every whim, is the healthiest thing I think a person can do!

Many people whom I consider "successful" practice very good self discipline.

And I know for me, it is imperative for my happiness! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Feel free to reply with what has worked for you! Thanks,