Some people think I'm pretty brave! And it's true, It may appear that I am!

But just so ya know...I'm the biggest scarty cat alive!  Pretty much EVERYTHING scares me! It's true! So here I am confessing! I am such a baby! I'm always SCARED! I just make myself do things  anyway!

I ride crazy young horses, I went on a Shark Expedition, I've Bungie Jumped, gone up in a glider, gone on survival trips, traveled Europe with a back pack. and the list goes on! (Not to mention put myself up for public ridicule my whole life by singing, public speaking or being "on air" etc) And trust me those things USED to be scary!

I have to tell you..even though there is all the  things that scare me, I seem to be able to get through and enjoy them all anyway!

But, when the crazy wind blows like it's Armageddon outside, I seriously tremble! I can't sleep, I don't want to go outside, to work or do anything! If I let it, the fear of that would immobilize me!

I'm not sure WHY the wind scares me so much. I suppose it symbolizes chaos and things out of control! And when I was growing up, when the wind would blow (so to speak) Someone would usually end up hurt, and bad things would happen.

Funny that even as an adult there are things that trigger that kind of emotion. And for me it's the wind! But, I made it to work today, and I'm trying real hard not to hunker down and hide under the control console of the studio!

So what is one thing people DON'T KNOW about YOU! You can be anonymous! But post a reply one sentence is fine. But, I'm plainly curious what might show up out there! So feel free! Unless of course you are scared! And then...Just DO IT ANYWAY!  Thanks, Faith

Oh yea..there is one other thing people don't know about me. I'm FUNNY! Really I am! But, I don't think anyone else thinks I am! Just me! (Tee heee) Okay and a little weird too. But, I think they know that part..