You may remember a couple years ago, I made it a New Years resolution on the try and watch more tv! 

 I wanted to know what my listeners were talking about when callers would bring up something about a particular tv show or personality. So, I have been watching more! I don't have cable or anything. I just  have the local channels. But I have been able to watch some pretty fun shows.

 I can't seem to watch much in the summer, but by winter I pick, it back up. And I have to admit, it's kinda comforting to cuddle up and watch a good show when the weather is gray and gloomy out!

By the way...Have you noticed how many food commercials are on tv during every show!? Wow! No wonder we get the urge to snack when we watch tv! Geez is that ever a subliminal thing!

Anyway, I stumbled upon the show Mike & Molly! And I love it! The actress Melissa McCarthy is so great in that roll! I love her! She just seems like a person I'd like to have as a best friend. I feel that way about Ellen too! Anyway, I throughly enjoy the show!

It airs on Monday eve's. I'm not even sure of the time, because I'm still pretty tv illiterate! But I know it's on CBS and I think that is the one with the eyeball...or is that abc? Anyway, I know YOU will catch it if you can! I think you'll like it.

What other shows do you think I'll like? I like "The New Girl" too! ( I think that is on Tues eve's.)

Post your reply below..thanks,