I don't know how people think this is new information, I've known this for years! Haha! I can't be around Oreos at all...or I will eat the whole bag.

Oreos to me are the one sweet that I can NOT resist! I can pass them up in the store but if I buy a bag...Forget it! They are going to be gone in a very short amount of time.

I've often wondered why I have such an issue with these cookies. I enjoy lots of other cookies and other sweet desserts. But for some reason with Oreos, I'm left helpless!

Now a new study out from Connecticut in New London says Oreos are just as addictive if not MORE addictive than Cocaine!

Researchers ran brain scans on rats who'd eaten Oreos, and rats who'd been given a small amount of cocaine and found the ones who'd eaten the Oreos, had even Stronger cravings than the ones given Cocaine. They believe this translates to people as well.