Seattle Seahawks fan McKenzie Brown caught the attention of the Tri-City Herald after she shaved her head and tattooed it in order to enter our contest for Jan. 11 playoff tickets.

McKenzie, who is a hair stylist, dates a tattoo artist. She shaved her head. He did the ink. The Key's contest was for a pair of tickets to the Seattle game against the Saints. More than 160 people, including McKenzie, submitted a "pride" photo by Jan. 9 for a chance to win.

Braiden Sanders received the most votes, and thereby won the tickets, but McKenzie has caught the attention of the entire community.

Because the tattoo is on her scalp, she can grow her hair out after the Super Bowl, then shave again for next season!

This submission has also caught some peoples' attention:

Michael S.

And here's another ink submission:

Don H.