Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day for a horse ride! My boyfriend Tony and I loaded up our horses in our trailer. My good friend Lorri and her horse " Yippee" let our new little filly "Lady Liberty" ride in her trailer. Then we headed out to Ayers Road in Finley for a ride.

My friend Nadia and her horse "Cisco" met us out there, too. Megan and "Rocky" also came!

It was a bit windy, but that never stops us from enjoying the beautiful scenery and a nice ride for all the horses.
We took turns "ponying" Liberty and also took the lead line off of her all together and let her run along with us all freely. She had such a great time running the range like a wild horse. And when it was time to hook back up to the lead, she willingly complied and fell back into her ponying roll as we descended the hill.

There were a number of cows and baby calves up there too that couldn't have been more than a few days to a month old.
We all stopped at the big water tank on the hill to let our horses get a drink and play in the water.

There must have been at least 10 or so other trailers up there that day. And we met up with some other people that we knew as well as some new friends that we met!

I feel very blessed that I have wonderful friends to ride with, a boyfriend that will ride with me, Incredible places to ride and a magnificent horse as my best friend!